Submitted by David on Thu, 11/16/2017 - 04:46

Layer View

Touch Embroidery has a Layer View which can be toggled by pressing the layer button.


  • Root - The topmost object in the view.
  • Group - a set of layers, treated a single object.
  • Layer - a single group of unbroken stitches
  • Object - a layer or group manipulated within the view.
  • View -  Group you are currently looking at, usually the root.
  • Checked - The objects with the checkboxes checked.
  • Highlighted - selected object, usually with black box around it.

Gesture Interactions

  • You can rearrange an object by a press and hold gesture.
  • You can dismiss an object with a swipe to dismiss. 
  • You can tap to select or deselect a layer.


Highlighted Layer Command Buttons

  • Add stop layer (the root allows this): sometimes there is a need for applique to stop an embroidery design at a place that is not a color change, and thus a need to produce embroidery files with these operations.


Checked Layer Command Buttons

  • Group. This groups together all checked layers/groups into a single cohesive group.
  • Recolor - Change the color of the checked layers/groups to a random color.
  • Hide/Unhide - Allows layers/groups to be hidden so that work can be done without them getting in the way.
  • Lock/Unlock - Allows layer/groups to be locked such that they cannot be altered until they are unlocked.


Object Buttons

Objects themselves have a few commands, on the objects.

  • "Ungroup" is found on groups to remove them and place their content in place within the current view.
  • Unhide - Removes the "hidden" property.
  • Unlock - Removes the "locked" property.
  • "Enter-layer", change the view to be within this group. This allows you to view the sub-objects within a group.
  • "Exit-layer",  go back to the higher level view. Root does not have this as there is no higher level.