Submitted by David on Thu, 11/16/2017 - 05:17

Interface Diagram


Tool Selector

The tool selector is the Tool Menu button and the 5 quick selection tools, of the last five tools you used.

Tool Selector


LayerView toggle

The LayerView Toggle toggles the LayerView at the side.

layerview toggle



Settings Icon

Settings menu dialog


Toggles Fullscreen Mode.

full screen toggle


Widget Menu

widget menu


System Menu

The system menu: Share/Save, Load, Clear, About, Exit.

For additional information on Share/Save, and Load: See Files

System Menu



The layerview allows for a viewable and manipulations of the various layers.



Located in the bottom right, the undo and redo buttons remove and restore changes to the embroidery. This is limited to 25.

Undo Redo


Color Selector

Located in the bottom left, the color selector changes the colors for the currently selected layers.

color selector